The official release of the McLaren P1 supercar concept is set for the Paris Motor Show 2012, but it will not be the first time the Brits have showcased their brand new hypercar. Following a private viewing last month at Pebble Beach, a lucky few will have the option this weekend to get a glimpse of the actual car while McLaren celebrates its European debut of the MP4-12C Spider at the Windsor Concours of Elegance.

The public will have to wait until the Paris Motor Show starting on the 27th of September. At this day McLaren will pull the cover off their latest creation, a brand new supercar concept rumored to be named 799. The concept provides the public with a first glimpse of the actual supercar, which will be the first of a new breed of hypercars starting a new chapter for McLaren but possibly also set the direction for the complete hypercar world in the next decade. Following all the rumours and stories going around lately, it is time to share an overview of the latest news and facts of the McLaren Supercar Concept expected in less than three weeks.

First up you may have seen the teaser showing the new McLaren supercar codenamed P12 and it is streamlined bodywork. The renders created from this teaser show a vehicle using an aerodynamically shaped body, which will include many of McLaren’s advanced technology. The basic setup of the concept starts at the carbon fiber tube – similar to the MP4-12C – housing a 3.8 liter V8 engine turbocharged and producing up to 800hp. The most interesting fact is that the new supercar will be able to produce power approaching 1,000hp thanks a next generation Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) boost offering an additional 200hp.

Render McLaren P12

These figures could make the new McLaren the fastest accelerating production car in the world with a sprint time from zero to 100km/h in less than 2.3 seconds. The top speed will be hypercar-like, but stays short to the Veyron. McLaren has no intentions of touching the top speed of the Bugatti. Their main ambition is producing the fastest road-going track car in the world while maintaining an unheard of efficiency on fuel and ease of use. This is achieved by keeping the weight low benefiting the handling and providing the best possible aerodynamical footprint for the hypercar.

These characteristics could set a new benchmark for hypercars where hybrid drive, fuel efficiency and lightweight are the new key players. The McLaren P12, or should we say McLaren 799, will set the tone for the future and spark a battle with the likes of Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar who all work on a supercar incorporating new electric and hybrid techniques to set the performance and emissions bar for the ultimate sportscars even higher.

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The McLaren P12 will be opening its dihedral doors in Paris. It incorporates the heritage of the famous McLaren F1 supercar, but can not be considered as its true successor. McLaren developed the P12 not as a successor to the legendary McLaren F1 but as a new 21th century hypercar.

The codenamed P12 is far from what the F1 has ever been. It is not focussed on high speed and has better track performance, an area that the F1 had admittedly been lacking. The seating configuration only offers space for two people, the driver and his passenger, and the V12 has been ditched in favor of a total new setup improving weight distribution, power delivery and fuel efficiency.

The final release of the production vehicle will happen in 2013 with the production likely to start in 2014. Sources say the new McLaren hypercar will be limited to 500 pieces with an exclusive price tag of around $ 1.56 million.


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