The official release of the McLaren P1 supercar concept is set for the Paris Motor Show 2012, but it will not be the first time the Brits have showcased their brand new hypercar. Following a private viewing last month at Pebble Beach, a lucky few will have the option this weekend to get a glimpse of the actual car while McLaren celebrates its European debut of the MP4-12C Spider at the Windsor Concours of Elegance.

The public will have to wait until the Paris Motor Show starting on the 27th of September. At this day McLaren will pull the cover off their latest creation, a brand new supercar concept rumored to be named 799. The concept provides the public with a first glimpse of the actual supercar, which will be the first of a new breed of hypercars starting a new chapter for McLaren but possibly also set the direction for the complete hypercar world in the next decade. Following all the rumours and stories going around lately, it is time to share an overview of the latest news and facts of the McLaren Supercar Concept expected in less than three weeks.

First up you may have seen the teaser showing the new McLaren supercar codenamed P12 and it is streamlined bodywork. The renders created from this teaser show a vehicle using an aerodynamically shaped body, which will include many of McLaren’s advanced technology. The basic setup of the concept starts at the carbon fiber tube – similar to the MP4-12C – housing a 3.8 liter V8 engine turbocharged and producing up to 800hp. The most interesting fact is that the new supercar will be able to produce power approaching 1,000hp thanks a next generation Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) boost offering an additional 200hp.

Render McLaren P12

These figures could make the new McLaren the fastest accelerating production car in the world with a sprint time from zero to 100km/h in less than 2.3 seconds. The top speed will be hypercar-like, but stays short to the Veyron. McLaren has no intentions of touching the top speed of the Bugatti. Their main ambition is producing the fastest road-going track car in the world while maintaining an unheard of efficiency on fuel and ease of use. This is achieved by keeping the weight low benefiting the handling and providing the best possible aerodynamical footprint for the hypercar.

These characteristics could set a new benchmark for hypercars where hybrid drive, fuel efficiency and lightweight are the new key players. The McLaren P12, or should we say McLaren 799, will set the tone for the future and spark a battle with the likes of Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar who all work on a supercar incorporating new electric and hybrid techniques to set the performance and emissions bar for the ultimate sportscars even higher.

Gallery Salon Prive 2012 Overview

The McLaren P12 will be opening its dihedral doors in Paris. It incorporates the heritage of the famous McLaren F1 supercar, but can not be considered as its true successor. McLaren developed the P12 not as a successor to the legendary McLaren F1 but as a new 21th century hypercar.

The codenamed P12 is far from what the F1 has ever been. It is not focussed on high speed and has better track performance, an area that the F1 had admittedly been lacking. The seating configuration only offers space for two people, the driver and his passenger, and the V12 has been ditched in favor of a total new setup improving weight distribution, power delivery and fuel efficiency.

The final release of the production vehicle will happen in 2013 with the production likely to start in 2014. Sources say the new McLaren hypercar will be limited to 500 pieces with an exclusive price tag of around $ 1.56 million.


  1. $1.56 Million for a car with the same ( albeit modified ) motor as the MP4-12C along with the MP4=12C’s platform ( as per the three most recent Sherif interviews )

    Somehow I can’t see anyone in their right minds choosing the P12 , over say a Pagani Hyuara …. Koenigsegg … or even .. god forbid the upcoming Ferrari supercar etc for that kind of money !

    Call this one DOA is my guess .McLaren has lost its Mojo ! Time to bring Gordon ( Murray ) back on board methinks ( Murray being McLaren’s Lennon to Ron Dennis’s McCartney ) The ‘ band ‘ just hasn’t been the same since Gordon’s departure

  2. GS The track performance of P12 will be uncomparable to the huayra or Agera R, get ready to swallow down your words, just compare that 0-100Km or the even better 1/4 mile , and acording to the car weight it will be a serious competitor to F70.

  3. I have personally seen the car in the factory, i can asure you it looks nothing like the drawn picture. it is way more agressive then anything you can imagine it to be.

  4. Dont forget GS reading is information and not knowledge, and of course as discussed and as you would have to agree by now there is an economy in not knowing, BallShit if ya like…

    It’s called media so as to generate which being induced is consciousness which of course you know so much about..

    As you kindly showed me all your cards about this topic ;)..

  5. Oh Pit . Haven’t taken my advice yet on the Imodium have you ? As to your so called wisdom here I’ll reiterate . The descriptions and details of the P12 are in fact Sherif’s words ( in print and online ….. you do know who Mr Sherif is now don’t you my trendy little vaporware troll who’s no doubt never even sat in a Supercar … never mind driven one ) not mine . BTW Pit 1) The moniker suits you to a tee 2) You wouldn’t possibly be a certain HyundaiSmoke or the Sybil Quintet now ….. would you ?

    @ urdrago – Every other pundit .. both online and in print is saying the performance figures quoted here are in fact pure speculation / hyperbole / fantasy . e.g. Believe in fact not one iota of it

    @ User – A) I doubt your claim very much as the P12’s only private showing to date was at Pebble Beach … not the factory ! Ask me how I know that ! Gee in fact even the guys at GT Spirit know that ! ( read the article )

    B) As to the aggressive looks comment . I rather doubt that as well . Fact is those who saw the cars private debut have said off the record its a bit …… Dull !

  6. @ urdrago – Ahem . As to those inflated performance figures . Allow me to remind you of all the claims etc McLaren made about the MP4-12C prior to its introduction …… stating to everyone who’d listen that the MP4-12C would take down Ferrari as well as every other competitor in its range once on the road and tested .

    Where upon after said tests by each and every International Automotive pundit / test driver etc …… the MP4-12C got its rumpus smacked down royally .

    So if McLarens recent road car History tells us anything about the P12 ? It’ll no doubt disappoint as well .

    Another clue might be all the ‘ bespoke ‘ claims McLaren is making about the P12 with the car sounding more like a Fashion Statement than a Hyper Supercar by the moment

    Having said all that though ……. only time will tell what the facts are ….. so final judgement must be reserved . I’m simply not getting my hopes up

  7. Maybe you both get the private view at the factory, but this does not make the Ferrari Aperta, win a Gumpert Apollo. To compare technologically Agera R or huayra to P12 and F70 will be quite ridiculous, despite any kind or Fashion or Fashionless design they have, time will prove.

  8. Ah, i’m still waiting for any performance tests for the Agera & the Huayra, don’t mind if you like dunsfold, the Nordchleife, or an autocar test, sport auto or any speciallised press to test those cars in similar condition to any normal cars to discuss those performance facts, like everyone else in industry does.

  9. @GS.. lol, there are plans drawn up for my own private circuit, this of course includes bitumen (paved) and dirt circuits…

    Thankyou for your educated response ;)..

  10. @GuitarSlinger Yeah i saw the car personally, In volcano orange beautiful expect i didnt really dig the real spoiler as much how it comes up, but maybe if they made it in Carbon it would have looked nicer.

    I think if MR can see my email he might know who i am to assure you’ll I have seen it ;) I hope you are Des.

  11. P12 in its physical form was not shown at Pebble Beach – not even privately. What was shared with certain special customers and VIPs was an iPad presentation with photos of the new car. Anyone who is claiming differently is not telling the truth.

    There have been some private viewings already within the factory but that has been the only chance for anyone to view the concept that will be unveiled in Paris.


  12. @Peloton25 yeah i saw the car in the factory, they sent us a driver and all that to pick us up. the concept will not look that much different that the final car from what they have said. the only clue they gave was on the hp was a High Voltage sign outside the door which does stand for +1000V so i assume they are they are hinting at +1000hp or 1000kg body.

  13. I must say, I’m disappointed in Mclarens strategy…it just seems everything they’re doing is rushed(?)

    Yes they took close on 18 years to unveil another “true mclaren” – the SLR isn’t a real mac to me? – but the design of the 12C was rushed (which is evident when u see the much improved 12C GT3 design: which improved on the front and rear of the cars design)

    The renders I’ve seen so far are terrible, and the fact that they didn’t call in peter stevenson to do these 2 cars exterior designs is a missed opportunity(?)


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