We happened to stumble across this customised Japanese Lamborghini Aventador today. It features an unique exhaust system fitted by specialists Power Craft and a set of wheels sourced by Hyper Forged Wheels. The photos come via the later and feature no less than three Aventadors, two featuring the exhaust upgrades.

To start with the exhaust, it’s what Power Craft call their ‘Square Tail’ kit. It’s a stainless steel system which appears to feature a new muffler system and a set if tail pipes. The system incorporates remote operable valves and a price tag of 819,000 yen. The upgrades also include painted body parts. You can hear the sound in the video we found below!

The wheels are brushed finish Hyper Forged HF-C7, the outer rim features a chrome finish whereas the inner rim has an anodized black finish. Staggered sizing means that the front wheels measure 9.0×20 inches with a Semi Concave and the rears measure 13×21 inches with a Deep Concave. Tyres are Pirelli P Zero Nero’s measuring 255/30/20 at the front and 355/25/21 at the rear.

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