We’ll have to wait until 2014 for the successor to Lamborghini’s much loved Gallardo. This gives us plenty of time to speculate, and one of the best renderings we’ve seen so far come from our friends over at LamboCars. The pictures you see below show what a normal, Spyder and a Superleggera model of the upcoming sports car would look like. Obviously, they take heavy influence from the Sesto Elemento and the current Lamborghini design language!

The Gallardo has been a best-selling model for Lamborghini. Over 12,000 have been built so far, helped by an accessible price tag and a unique blend of Italian flair with German reliability. Of course, it’s starting to look a little old now so it is time for a replacement!

Enter the LP600-4, LamboCars prediction for the entry-level Lamborghini. At the moment, names look likely to be either Cabrera or Hurac├ín as these were recently trademarked by Lamborghini. In the pictures you’ll see a mid-engined sportscar with similar styling to the current Gallardo and the Sesto Elemento. Body panels have the same ‘stealth fighter’ look about them, while the Spyder gets a near identical roof design.

Of course, the latest rumours suggest that the new Gallardo will feature it’s characteristic all-wheel drive system, coupled to an upgraded version of the V10 found in the current Gallardo. This engine should provide almost 600 horsepower with a dual-clutch automatic transmission to transfer that power onto the tarmac!

Enjoy the renders!

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  1. This is basicly a Sesto Elemento with a few parts altered to make it roadlegal…HELL YEAH!
    I really hope the Gallardo succesor will look like this and will be called Cabrera, that would be just epic.

  2. Won’t be called the Cabrera. That’s just a fact. And this is just the work of a member of TS playing around in PS making a pretty cool looking render. Possibly will be called the Huracan as Lamborghini just trade marked that name. Can’t wait to see the car!


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