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Classic Overkill: Walter Wolf Lamborghini Countach with 12 Exhaust Tips!

Lamborghini Countch with 12 Exhausts

We stumbled across an interesting set of pictures today that show a Lamborghini Countach with 12 exhaust tips! From what we understand, this is a Walter Wolf special edition Lamborghini Countach. Walter Wolf is a wealthy Canadian businessman and owner of the Wolf F1 Racing team in the 1970s. Three were produced and this appears to be the very first of that production run.

Of course, it gets a few extra goodies when compared to the standard Countach LP 400 it’s based upon. In fact, Lamborghini even fitted a new 5.0 liter engine which replaced the 4.0 liter unit fitted into other 1974 Countach models. Compared to the standard model’s estimated 375hp, it produced 447hp at 7,900rpm.

In terms of bodywork, the car features enlarged wheel-arches designed to fit the new Pirelli P7 tyres, a front spoiler and an adjustable rear wing. Lamborghini also fitted a special F1-type steering wheel with ‘Walter Wolf’ engraving, a special set of eight caliper AP disc brakes and a Borg & Beck double-disc clutch.

Of course, Wolf never specced the monster 12-tip exhaust set that we see in the photos. The look to have been taken while the car was reasonably new, it wears Vermont registration plates but appears to be on display in Japan. The car is thought to remain in Japan, having been displayed as recently as 2010. The exhaust system has changed back to a more conventional quad-exit system which we are thankful for!

Two other Walter Wolf special edition Lamborghini Countach remain, one built in early 1976 with Bugatti-blue bodywork, a third built for the 1978 Geneva Auto Show.



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