The supercar you are looking at is an eight-second Nissan GT-R built by Switzer Performance in Oberlin, Ohio. Its owner calls it “the Red Katana”, and it is one of the first R1KX model Switzer GTRs to hit the drag strip. Godzilla left quite an impression on everyone who saw it when it did! Last weekend at Norwalk, Ohio’s Summit Motorsports Park, the freshly-completed “Katana” ran an 8.97 1/4 mile at over 163 miles per hour and that, dear friends, is quick!

The short story on this car is that it is a fully-customized GTR, featuring a quilted leather-lined interior that is been decked out in high-quality carbon fiber and alcantara, making the inside of this GTR as nice a place to be as any Porsche or Ferrari.

In addition, the car features a high-end audio system that promises to shake bones and rattle windows while the car’s Switzer-built 1,500+ hp engine promises to frighten children and loosen bladders. Adding to the already impressive stats on the build, however, is this: all those high-end luxury bits actually add weight to the car, and this particular GT-R weighed in almost exactly 300lbs heavier than it was in factory trim.

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  1. I’ve seen that car in person before it went to switzer, super clean build on body and interior by c2. Must be fantastic now with switzers engine.


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