The Italians at Lamborghini have announced that they will take their $2.2 million dollar Sesto Elemento concept and Urus SUV concept to this year’s Monterey Classic Car Week.

A limited production run of twenty Lamborghini Sesto Elemento cars is confirmed. The Concept was displayed at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. It will get the 570hp engine from the LP 570-4 along with the same bodywork from the concept car. A number of modifications will ensure that the car conforms with basic road safety guidelines.

The Lamborghini Urus Concept was revealed at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year. The concept is planned for production no sooner than early 2017. Lamborghini expects that management will give the Urus SUV the green light before the end of the year. They expect the Urus to sell 3,000 units a year, doubling the total global sales of the brand. Rumoured price tag is around 180,000 euros excluding taxes.

At Pebble Beach 2012 both will make their debut in North America.

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  1. If the car is street legal it reaches further more expectation, so it is a good idea, cause if the car is not street legal then it will have direct comparison with Zonda R and FXX.


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