Last week the organizers of Wilton House Classic and Supercars 2012 unveiled their unique BugARTi Veyron in London! Today, we got the option to do a private photo shoot with the hypercar inside the walls of the Wilton House estate.

The Art Car will be on display at Wilton House tomorrow as part of the supercar display and the annual event. The BugARTi Veyron features a wrap designed by Ian Cook, an English artist who uses remote control cars to create acrylic artwork.

It is a project that came together thanks to the Wilton House organizers, PopBangColour – Ian’s design company and the car’s owner, Lord Pembroke. The colours remind us of the classic gulf livery while aspects of the Bugatti badge have been incorporated onto the front of the car along with the image of an Aston Martin racer on the side.

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