You’ll probably remember these two cars from German tuning expert Manhart Racing. We’ve reported on them before. They are of course the F10 BMW M5-based Manhart MH5 S Biturbo and the BMW 1M-based Manhart MH1 S Biturbo. We’ve just received a nice gallery of photos so we can now share a full view of both cars!

Manhart MH5 S Biturbo

To start with the Manhart MH5 S Biturbo, it features an in-house valve controlled Exhaust system with 90mm Tips, 200 cell sport catalytic converters and downpipes. This allows gains of 73bhp up to a total figure of 633bhp and a 99Nm improvement on torque figures up to 780Nm. Manhart Racing will also be working on a more powerful series of upgrades that focus on additional modifications to the turbochargers, downpipes and the exhaust system.

The car also gets a carbonfiber bonnet with air intakes, a carbon fiber diffuser and a carbon fiber bootlid spoiler. For more information please visit our official Manhart MH5 S Biturbo article.

Manhart MH1 S Biturbo

The BMW 1M-based package, the Manhart MH1 S Biturbo is a Stage 3 package. It features newly developed ECU software, an upgraded intercooler and oil cooler, a carbon fiber air intake, and a new exhaust system. The changes offer improved performance of 465hp and 600Nm of maximum torque, which is an increase of 125hp and 150Nm.

Manhart Racing fitted a new hand made carbon fiber front splitter along with a fully carbon fiber bonnet with air intakes. At the rear the MH1 S Biturbo gets a diffuser and a CSL-look trunk with ducktail spoiler, all machined from carbon fiber. To finish off the exterior look, Manhart Racing fitted a set of carbon fiber mirror caps! For more information on the Manhart MH1 S Biturbo visit our official article.

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