Video Lexus LFA Drift Choreography Performed in Tokyo

The video below will give you the chance to look at a five-minute car ballet featuring three Lexus LFAs supercars working harmously together in a dance performed on classical music at the Lexus Spindle Night in Odaiba Tokyo. Three Lexus Drive meisters show their skills during the exclusive choreography. You will see two white LFAs and one yellow LFA Nurburgring Edition.

Just as a quick recap, the LFA features a race-derived 72-degree V10, displacing 4.8 liters and producing a peak power of 552hp at 8,800rpm. The maximum is a thrilling 9,000rpm. Peak torque is 354lb-ft at 6,800rpm with 90 percent available between 3,700 and 9,000 revs. The Nurburgring Edition is a special lighter version with more horsepower and a more track-biased setup.

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