Pagani and Pirelli took the Huayra for a test at the Nürburgring recently. For the Huayra, Pirelli developed a new set of tyres, the new P ZeroTM Corsa. During testing they proved a success with the car able to pull 1.66G of lateral acceleration. In comparison, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is only able to acheive 1.4G and the Koengisegg Agera R is rated at 1.6G.

To thoroughly test the new tyres, Pagani fitted the Zonda R Evolution with new slick tyres that share a similar compound as the P ZeroTM Corsa. The tyres were tested for top speed up to 370km/h and for handling properties. We are told that both Pagani and Pirelli were impressed by the results. You can see a spy video of the action here.

Horacio Pagani, chief designer at Pagani Automobili said:

“We know what the Zonda R is capable at the Nordschleife and Pirelli has developed tyres on a race car to transfer the technology to an extreme road car. It was interesting for us to see the performance and durability of the new Pirelli PzeroTM Corsa tyres on the Pagani Huayra, lap after lap at sustained speeds. The results of this test have been very satisfying, the PzeroTM Corsa tyre is a performer in handling, speed, comfort as well as safety, our highest priority.”

Maurizio Boiocchi, head of R&D at Pirelli:

“Motorsport for Pirelli is the laboratory under the open sky. The experience gathered at the track allows developing technologies and processes that, although with different purpose can be transferred to road tyres. The focus is always to set highest standards in terms of safety and performance. Every race is a challenge. And every challenge is an opportunity for Pirelli to improve its capability to be excellent. We love the work with Pagani Automobili, and the joint tests at the Nürburgring are the pinnacle showcase for Pirelli state of the art technology and represents exactly our philosophy to improve our targets day by day.”

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