Official DMC LP700 M-GT for Lamborghini Murcielago

After their Murcielago 2011-GT last year, DMC has releaed their updated M-GT Murcielago, a styling and performance kit that has been engineered for the first generation Murcielago.

To achieve greater downforce on the front, DMC offers a redesigned front and rear bumper with integrated diffusers. In typical DMC tradition, all parts are being manufactured in pure carbon fiber. Owners that don’t have the glass engine cover, can also get this window if requested, along with a newly developed rear wing spoiler.

While the traditional Lamborghini design features combined overhead throttle valves per cylinder bank, DMC has decided to use twelve single intake throttle plates, one per each cylinder. Gasoline pumps and – lines, as well as pressure modulators and injection nozzles will be replaced by new components. New crankshafts have been custom made to fit the new requirements. Optimized engine electronics, an electronic load pressure control system and a completely new wiring will be added. The engine is rebranded as LP700, hinting 700hp.

The DMC stainless sports rear silencer and end pipe provide asportier rear look and a new louder sound rack. If that‘s not enough, customers can extend their exhaust system with a DMC sport metallic catalytic converter.

For the interior, the tuners from Duesseldorf, Germany offer a complete make-over using carbon fiber and fine leathers.

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