Will.I.Am recently got his custom DeLorean confiscated for registration issues and a lack of license plates. According to celebrity gossip site, TMZ reports that the musician attempted to drive his custom ride on the roads without vin, registration or license plates.

Will.I.Am announced the IAMAUTO on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at the start of the year. The vehicle that got impounded is built on top of a DeLorean with parts taken from the Dodge Challenger. It was built by West Coast Customs.

The DeLorean will be held until Will.I.Am gets his paperwork in order.

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  1. The ‘ Curse ‘ of JzDL lives ever on . Well that and the pretentious stupidity of a pretentious HipHopRap whatever star wanna be .One in the same if you ask me .

    And just WTH did this little snipe think he was fooling , trying to claim this POS was in any way an ‘ Original ‘ new design . You can see from a mile off its just a DeLorean thats another of WCC’s overdone Bling Bling , stick a bunch of junk on the body , stuff oversized wheels on it and call it done … ‘ customs ‘

    Note to Will.I.Am ….. You AIN’T !


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