Novitec Rosso Ferrari FF

Novitec Rosso have just released their new kit for the Ferrari FF. It’s a modest set of modifications with a relatively small performance increase, a few aerodynamic enhancements and some extra cosmetic parts.

Novitec Rosso fitted a set of carbon fiber bodywork components. The set consists of a new front spoiler lip, a roof spoiler, a rear spoiler, side skirts and a rear diffuser. Novitec also fitted carbon fiber surrounds for the taillights, matching black side markers, carbon exterior mirrors and LED rear fog lamps. All parts have been fine-tuned in a wind tunnel. To complete the conversion, a carbon fiber roof and a radiator grille have been added.

Engineers have developed an unique set of ultra-light forged wheels with diameters of 21 inches at the front and 22 inches at the back. The NF4 wheel design features five double spokes. The size 9Jx21 wheels on the front axle weigh just 9.9 kilos and are mounted with Pirelli PZero high-performance tires in size 255/30 ZR21. The size 12Jx22 rear wheels weigh 13.5 kilos and are fitted with size 315/25 ZR22 tires.

Performance from the 6.3 liter 12-cylinder four-valve engine is increased by 42hp for a maximum figure of 702hp. The enhancements include a newly calibrated engine electronic management system and a complete Novitec Rosso stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system. The result is a crisper throttle response and a new top speed of 340km/h.

To provide an extra level of performance, Novitec Rosso sport springs are also included in the kits. Novitec Rosso also offers longer carbon fiber shift paddles for the seven speed dual-clutch transmission.

Inside, Novitec Rosso offer a range of custom options. The program provides countless options from carbon fiber scuff plates to fully custom leather and Alcantara interiors.

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  1. OMG ! Somebody actually managed to do it . Making the Ferrari FF even uglier than it already is . And errr…… lets see now . The FF’s AWD is already worthless as it won’t engage over 60 mph ( quoted from L.d Montezemelo ) So now with these Bling Bling ludicrously large diameter wheels and the Rubber Band tires ? Well …….. what AWD ?


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