Official QuickSilver Sport Exhaust for Bentley Continental GT V8 and GTC V8

Bentley’s new 2012 V8 GT and GTC models are causing a stir because of their style and fuel economy, but many have criticised the car’s muted voice, according to company QuickSilver Exhausts. To answer the remarks, the British firm introduces a new sports exhaust system for the luxury GT.

By removing the internal exhaust valves and improving the airflow, the stainless steel T304 Quicksilver system improves the responsiveness of the cars turbos. The QuickSilver’s system weighs 10kg less than the factory alternative (10.4kg vs 20.4kg OEM).

QuickSilver has engineered the replacement system for ease of fitment, utilising the original factory mounting points it can be installed in around 45 minutes and has been designed to integrate with the OEM tips.

The system comes complete with a 25-year Corrosion Guarantee and can be ordered and delivered within three working days (in the UK). The system swaps owner for 1,720 pounds plus VAT.

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