Video Kanye West Gets Lamborghini Aventador as Birthday Present

Kanye West is a known artist, rapper, producer and lover of Kim Kardashian. Over the past few days West managed to hit the frontpages of celebrity gossip websites with respect to two stories both linked to supercar manufacturer Lamborghini.

First of all, West received a $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador from his girlfriend his 35th birthday yesterday. But Kanye can’t play with it yet because he’s in Ireland on the Watch the Throne tour.

At this tour he will play his new single Mercy. The clip of the new song features a Lamborghini Gallardo parked inside a garage. While the supercar is filmed, Kanye sings in the lyrics “Murcie-lago” a couple of times throughout the song. But it is not a Murci, Mr West!

Kanye clearly doesn’t know his Lamborghini models. We look forward to the first encounter with the Aventador. Kanye will surely think it is some cheap-ass Gallardo of some sort.

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  1. @911 GT3 Fan: It’s a humorous article, man…

    Nicely written you guys – let’s hope neither Kanye nor his girl will crash this beauty in the future ;-)

  2. Wow I have been a big fan of GTspirit for a while but this article is the first I have read of you guys drifting from the story and adding your own jibs and passing it off as satire. Not cool guys, not cool.


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