Eventhough Chris likes to drive cars himself, he had the best day of his working life a few weeks ago. The automotive journalist working for the YouTube channel DRIVE was invited to a launch event for the Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic.

The event was pure, Italian, chaotic genius with hero drivers Marrku Alen and Juha Kankkunen. In the end, the video is a true must-see if you love (historical) rally cars.

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  1. My one and only reaction to this video .

    Pure , unadulterated , unrepentant , unapologetic and blatant … ENVY

    Three of my favorite cars , WRC or otherwise ever ! Two of my favorite drivers . On a stage of the San Remo Rally . Heck I’d give anything to be the fly on the windshield here , never mind the passengers seat .

    These !!! Youngsters is what Lancia ‘ was ‘ all about ! Not the badge engineered FIAT’s and Chryslers Marchionne’s passing off as Lancias these days

    BTW. These DRIVE guys are beginning to make the TV auto shows look even worse than they already do .

    Tre Mile Grazie for this GT folks . You made my day .

  2. Possibly Chris’ best video yet. In other words, possibly the best automotive journalism video ever made. It’s freakishly impressive how he keeps on producing even more amazing videos each time. Hope he never stops.


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