Team Wu Charger

By now many fans have come to know the infamous Team Wu. Brothers, Bill and Allen, have been rallying for years and have completed multiple Gumball 3000, Targa Trophy and Bullrun rallies. On Bullrun alone, they have been rallying for eight consecutive years.

Looking back at their previous rallies, they always show up to the start line with enough electronics to make any police agency look bad! Bill Wu said;

We are always way ahead of the game when it comes down to tech and recon stuff, we can afford to slack a couple years in a row and still be ahead of the game.

Last year, the Wu’s showed up to Bullun in a former Texas Highway Patrol Dodge Charger. The car had been outfitted with so many gadgets, from radar and laser jammers, multiple police scanners, CB radios, night vision, four GPS units and even more top secret gadgets that the Wu’s wouldn’t reveal.

Team Wu`s Elctronics

Their goal is to place well in the rallies they enter, but only as a byproduct as their adventure – road rallying is second nature to them. Team Wu is notorious for their pranks on Bullrun, and they have a huge arsenal of pranks ready to be unleashed on unsuspecting Bullrunners this year.

From flat tires, calling the police on other teams, planting GPS trackers in other teams’ cars to crickets and mice crawling out of the vents of other Bullrunners’ vehicles, Team Wu has done it. But that’s just for starters. Bill and Allen’s crazy, twisted minds have even more planned this year.

Bill Wu

Team Wu’s Bullrun adventure began in 2005 when Bill and his then girlfriend, now his wife, Cindi, participated in a yellow Lamborghini Murcielago. Though pranking was not on their minds yet, they met some great friends and began to have a little fun with them. Returning in 2006, the Bill and Cindi got a bit more devious – With some special electronics, the Wu’s would change traffic light signals, lead teams the wrong way and play with their minds a bit. This continued until 2007, which is when Allen joined the team. For the next four years, Team Wu was an unstoppable pranking force.

Even with all of their pranks, the Wu’s still set their sights on Bullrun’s most sought-after award – the Navigator Award. Bill, Allen and Cindi managed to beat all but two teams and obtain the third-place Navigator Award two years in a row; 2008 and 2009. The Navigator Award is awarded to the top three navigationally superior teams, who consistently chose the quickest route to the next checkpoint. Bill said;

We have done so many rallies now that our focus has shifted. Winning the Navigator Award is now only a by-product of our adventure. It use to be get from point A to B the smartest, but now it’s all about the journey!

Allen Wu

For the last two years, the Wu’s have used their Trapster Patrol Car to aide them in their mischievous Bullrun journey. The car may look like a police cruiser, but it exhibits some uniquely Wu traits. For instance, when have you ever seen a police cruiser with a smoke screen? Normally, the police don’t plaster big red hearts on their doors, but the Wu’s do. They’re not out to ticket you, they’re out to play with your minds.

One of my all time favorite pranks in 2011 was when we convinced Drake’s parents to put our 10lbs bag of rotting salmon heads in their own son’s car. Drake by the way had food poisoning the night before and was already feeling nauseous – which was only made worse by the rotting fish!

This year, Bill Allen and Cindi are bringing a new vehicle to Bullrun. It’s unknown at this time what the mischievous bunch will be bringing, but it’s sure to be something unique.

Stay tuned for more Bullrun news in the coming weeks!

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