Remember the devastating statement made by an angry owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo one year ago? The Chinese owner of a Gallardo was disappointed with the service provided by Lamborghini as he felt his consumer rights were ignored. In a blaze of fury he decided to make a powerful statement by destroying his car with hammers.

Now the smashed Lamborghini emerges once again to haunt the Italian car maker as the owner takes the car for a tour around the country. The first stop of the tour was the Qingdao car show which opened last week. Apparently still furious about the provided service, the owner wants to display the car in order to get some press attention for his case.

This protest will surely be noticed by the management of Lamborghini, who won’t be pleased with all the negative attention. But on the other side, perhaps the angry owner of the Lamborghini should ask himself if not only Lamborghini’s service apparently has failed, but also his own anger management. It makes you wonder if the real issue here is not Lamborghini, but the angered emotional state of the owner.

[Via China Car Times and]

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  1. Hey guys, I know you love lambos. I always adored the design. But no question they have a quality problem and also they´re not really interested in their costumers problems with their cars (as I had to recognise on my own).

    Hope they change their costumer relation policy soon!

  2. Ive seen problems with cars from porsche, ferrari and lambo, ferrari dealers that dont care, but thats no reason to take it out on the car. hed have been better off selling it and publically giving the money to ferrari, burning the money, or giving it to charity, smashing it up just makes him look like a nutter.

    And if your going to smash it up at least throw it off a cliff or blow it up.

    I have to admit when i first saw this story last year i thought it was ferrari doing a stunt, theres so much money at stake in china for all these companies, they are just businesses, if you believe their propaganda marketing dont get upset when you find out “the perfect dream” isnt true.

  3. what sort of dumb fag wrote this??
    when you pay a bucket load of money to purchase a car from a luxury brand(especially more so in china where i know to have crazy import taxes that make the price of these cars even higher), you expect the customer service to be satisfying, if not impeccable; after all, youre not just paying for the car, but also the customer services.
    and the best conclusion you could come up was that the owner must learn to control his temper? is this a joke?

  4. right o.k this man makes me sick, first of all, how can you possibly feel the need to smash your Lamborghini up just because of bad customer service? This is just another example of a wealthy person thinking they’re so much better than everyone else and should be treated as some sort of god. Secondly, with all the financial crisis in the world, why go around smashing stuff up, I sincerely hope he loses everything. Last but not least, it’s a waste of resources, time and money, and with all three in shortage, why do that? What a moron, I would like to take a hammer to this mans face.

  5. its his money, his right to have quality service after purchasing. anyone does. doesnt matter if your black or asian or whatever. he is making a point obviously to be noticed. everyone thinks super cars gets you the best car and service. apperently not. but yes it does make him look like an idiot because we love Lambos. I personally couldnt do that to a car but ask an ex gf the same question. lol


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