News is filtering through of an accident involving a Ferrari 599 GTO that happened yesterday morning in Singapore. Three were killed and two others were injured when the Ferrari ran red light, struck a cab which then hit a motorbike. The accident happened at 4:15 AM on Saturday night near Bugis Junction.

The driver of the Ferrari, Ma Chi, a 31-year-old Chinese businessman died at the scene of the accident. Reports indicate that a 20-year-old Japanese tourist, passenger in the cab, died later of head injuries while the 51-year-old taxi driver, Cheng Teck Hock, died earlier today in hospital. The passenger in the Ferrari, a 20-year-old female, suffered head injuries while the motorbike rider was treated, a Malaysian man, suffered from spinal injuries.

Various pictures have been posted from the scene of the accident. Perhaps the most harrowing of all is a GIF image reportedly taken at the moment the accident happened. You can see that here, however, we must warn you it is graphic.

The story does not end here though, according to Temasektimes, witnesses report seeing a man stealing money from the taxi passenger. A Mr Lim told a Chinese Tabloid:

I saw a Chinese man in his 30s standing besides the woman who was still conscious and crying for help. There were six fifty dollars scattered on the ground near the woman. The man picked them up and walked away briskly.

Thanks to Alex for the tip and Jalopnik for the video.


The following video is graphic…

[Pictures via AsiaOne]

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  1. my god!!! what a dramatic event, it is only seconds if ferrari driver just waited to green light!!! :( but whats the use now…… it happens……. may god bless them and deepest condolonses to there familes and beloved ones.

  2. This somehow doesn’t equal the many incidents of vehicular murder committed upon Chinese pedestrians by the Japanese army. It hurts to get hit by a car. Even worse when the Japanese play bumper cars with each other with Chinese babies tied to the front fenders. What a mess.

  3. Good Lord am I the only one here recognizing that theres been an epidemic of ‘ More Money than Brains / Lack of Driving Talent ‘ accidents of late involving Ferraris Worldwide ?

    Hmmmn. Just Maybe selling exotic cars in China etc really isn’t such a good idea after all considering they’ve nary a clue how to drive them . Unless of course this is an advanced form of Population Control on behalf of the Chinese Government ;-)

    And WTH is Cleo on about ?

  4. I was about to say something about Singapore not located in / part of China, but reading the comments I guess I shouldn’t take you guys seriously.

  5. Meh. That Ma Chi was with a hostess from a karaoke bar and driving off drunk to a hotel 81 with her.

    Stupid fools like that bring shame to super cars , the people they injure and in this case killed, what an a-hole ah beng

  6. sigh… nothing can be done with so much talks, hope with so much talks can bring headache to the singapore GOV!! yes listen mr _ K _

  7. I don’t quite understand why Ferrari driver died, the cabin looks intact, GTO also has 4-point harness, driver failed to use them?

  8. Nero, it is pretty obvious that the GTO’s driver wasn’t wearing his seat belt. I think is pretty hard to get kill with a 4-point harness on in a crash like that. Drunk, run a redlight, no seat belt……….don’t want to be mean, but he pretty much did everything to killed himself, killing others at the same time.

  9. I am a Chinese, but I also think this guy is a stupid fool…shouldn’t play his life like that…and feel sorry for the death of the other two and the guys got enjured…

  10. That is one of those awful “OMG, I have nearly been there” events. Bike riding taught me to count to three before moving away on the green light. Really can’t figure why anyone needs a 599 (close to a road going F1 car) in a place like Singapore where traffic averages 17 kph. Relegate these vehicles and out of their depth drivers to tracks for club racing (and driver instruction) and spare the innocent.

  11. “Oh, that guy picked up the money, MUST be Chinese!” Or he displayed his passport to bystanders?

  12. ohh it should be a big lessons to all the drivers to do not drive when in drunk…..deepest condolences to all the families of the victims..may god rest you in peace..

  13. Deepest condolences to all the innocent vict6ims, and let this be a lesson for us all….never be too quick to move off even though the green light is in your favour as you never know what’s coming. I have come across several such incidents of drivers beating the red light.

  14. If they drive like they usually do in China, it’s not very strange that accidents happen. I’ve never seen a population so dissrespectful of human lives or so totaly ignorant as how to drive in traffic. I’m mostly sad about the Ferrari as it didn’t deserve to be in the hands of such a crap driver.


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