Rumor: 2015 Toyota Supra

MotorTrend has stated that we might see a Toyota Supra successor in 2015. According to the rumours, the development is still in a very early stage.

The picture shown above is nothing more than a rendering made by Holiday Auto Magazine. The final looks of the car should be based on the test car below, the GRMN MRS prototype.

The new Supra will come with an all-wheel-drive system and a mid-engine 3.5 liter V6 producing up to 400hp. Estimated price is around $ 60,000.

GRMN MRS Prototype

GRMN MRS Prototype


  1. There’s definitely more ‘ Rumor’ than Reality surrounding the potential re-birth of the Supra ,with now MT blowing some ToyoRumorMill Smoke , what with MR2 platform based car – baby LF-A – Hyper Toyrubaru etc etc etc . Add it to the hype about Toyota’s impending WRC return and that along with £3.50 will get you a cuppa at your local Starbucks .

    I’m not sure what Toyota is trying to do lately with their constant supply of Rumor ‘ Leaks ‘ but its beginning to get on my nerves

  2. There is no way they are making a Supra with an MR engine. Supra will be RR at all time. Thats what made it popular. Plus of course the styling and raw power. If anything that picture is the new MR2. Which is Toyotas only MR car ever.

    Yes maybe we will see a new Supra in 2015 (Concept) but the above is not true. Toyota wouldn’t make and underpowered car now that the Skyline has dominated for the last 4 years now. Toyota has to come with something big and new. Everyone thought the LF-A was the new Supra. I thought it was a test mule if anything IMO. Which is why it had a huge price tag due to all the testing and tech engineering that was put into it. Still it did not defeat the Skyline.

    I really hope they make a new Supra. However they need to think big because Nissan has set the tone on Road/Supercars. Toyota needs to not take to much time but get on the ball with the Supra project quick!

  3. Though I don’t mind the looks of the redoring, the accual protoype looks like crap, I really hope they do make a real replacement for the supra, but I have douts about it. Sure the FRS is nice eye candy and the LFA has a lot of cyclenders and sounds fantastic, but when it comes down to it they both lack the power and charactoristics that we all expect from them, toyota you need to start using some forced induction, these normally asperated cars might out handle anything but so dose the lotus line up, with some decent power figures

  4. The reason the supra was so well liked is because of its engine and exterior design, but more so the engine. Why do you think BMW uses the inline 6??? Because it is perfectly balanced and that is what the supra had. Its power potential was unbelievable and that is why it became so popular. I would love to see a new supra but If the engine is not going to be bulletproof like the last then toyota should just save their energy. The 1998 supra is one of the first cars i fell in love with and is still close in my heart…I dont think a petrol/hybrid will ever take its place but i could be wrong. Toyota also needs to worry about the new NSX that Honda is supposedly releasing!!! Should be interesting!! I have an Evo X right now and i am going to be looking to upgrade within the next 2-3 years…If none of these show any promise then I will go with the tried and true GTR!!

  5. I believe if anything, those are MR2 consepts, no supra..
    If they where to have a predocessor to the supra, it would be front engine rwd, If they have hopes of competing with the skyline, maybe a new model is what is needed, rear mid engine would be nice, but in todays market, would add a nice price tag, if they do compete with the supra, id hope to see a manual transimission option instead of just flappy paddels, if i had the money, a new supra was in the market competing with the GTR, and of course manual was offered – id be game given i had the money!


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