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Ferrari CEO Confirms Hybrid Enzo Successor Debuts in 2013

Official Ferrari V12 HY-KERS Powertrain

Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa told Automotive News that they are planning the release of their very first hybrid model in 2013. The Italians released the new powertrain for the Ferrari Enzo successor last week at the Beijing Motor Show. The news confirms the rumours that the limited-edition successor to the Enzo aka F70 is planned for next year.

The powertrain consists of a 12-cylinder engine and dual-clutch gearbox coupled to an electric motor. A second electric motor is dedicated to the auxiliary systems and is located in front of the V12. The two electric motors are connected to the batteries which can be positioned in the car in line with the available space and final configuration.

The lithium ion cells for the battery packs will be delivered by Samsung Electronics. Ferrari will produce the battery packs themselves at the factory in Modena, Italy.

Felisa said the HY-KERS system adds about 120kg to a car. They will compensate for some of that weight gain by cutting kilograms from the car’s chassis and powertrain. The CEO told the magazine that the new car’s chassis will have the same grade of carbon fiber found in Ferrari’s F1 cars. That carbon fiber is lighter and more durable than the grade already used in the Enzo’s and F50’s chassis and body.

For more information on the HY-KERS system click here.


  1. Isn’t that sweet ! Now I can buy a V12 pretentious Prius with a Horsey dancing on its snout . Ugly F1 wanna be looks and all . Hmmmn . I wonder if they’ll put a Tutu on the Horsey to differentiate it from the rest of the Ferrari line up . Make that a ‘ Green’ Tutu . With pink ballet slippers ;-)

    Ferrari has definitely Lost the Plot . Thank goodness for the likes of Pagani

  2. Ya this will be a real wimpy ferrari…2500 pounds with 900+ horsepower on tap…Good comments guitarslinger, this thing really will need a tutu


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