DMC Terra 650 Porsche Cayenne

DMC’s world premiere for Top Marques Monaco is the DMC Terra 650, based on the Porsche Cayenne (958). DMC are known for their Lamborghini conversions, however, they claim to have noticed a trend among Lamborghini owners towards the Porsche Cayenne and Panamera models as daily drivers. With this in mind, DMC have created the Terra 650 kit for the Porsche Cayenne.

The idea was, a simple setup where parts can be installed in as little as 1-2 hours. As a result, few modifications are needed to achieve the new aerodynamic look. The new kit consists of six core body parts constructed from carbon fiber. A new front bonnet, side skirt, mirror set, rear spoiler and diffuser complete the upgrades.

For the engine upgrades, DMC applied an upgraded turbocharger featuring a titanium-aluminium construction. It’s ten percent larger than the standard unit, as a result, power is boosted from 500hp to 650hp. It can be bolted on to the car in a short space of time.

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