Maserati Crashes into SUV and Classic Porsche

A remarkable incident occurred ‒ involving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mini, Maserati GranTurismo and a classic Porsche 356 Speedster ‒ last night outside the Epic Hotel in Miami, Florida.

According to witnesses, the Maserati was coming down too fast from the ramp of a parking garage. The driver of the luxurious Italian GT lost control over his car and drove it underneath the SUV.

Thankfully everyone escaped without injuries. But undoubtedly the local authorities as well as the insurance companies will start an investigation regarding the responsibility of the drivers involved.

[Via Jalopnik, picture via Local10]

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  1. I was the passenger of the 356 Porsche C CAB, a car that took 14 years to restore to its original condition. Upon arrival I was instructed by the valet to park it outside as it is a car worth taking care off. Not long after I hear a car accelerate and a loud crash and tleft the outside bar and could not believe what I saw. the valet driver was crossing the lane and hit the accelerator instead of the break and collided into a Jeep SUV, that was lifted and pushed on top side and rear of the 356 cab. The owner is painfully upset and wishes. Of to comment on this other than to say that vallet drivers should be qualified to drive luxury cars and not rushed to park cars during busy hours,, this was the case that evening and it was obvious on many occasions that vallet company used by the hotel are wreck less and do not have qualified drivers.


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