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New American Supercar Called Alessi AR-1

New American Supercar Called Alessi AR-1

An all-American supercar, called Alessi AR-1, has resurfaced after being built in 1979 and its official debut at the 1979 New York Auto Show. The handcrafted AR-1 is a motorcar especially built for the discriminating driver, according to Alessi Fiberglass, who updated the whole vehicle to meet all of today’s standards. The production is limited to fifty cars.

The chassis of each AR-1 is constructed of eleven gauge steel and is welded with a tensile strength of 100,000 pounds per square inch. The AR-1 body is hand-laid fiberglass with steel reinforcements at key stress points.

The AR-1 is powered by a Corvette-sourced supercharged 6.2 liter LS3 V8 engine producing up to 600hp at 6,200rpm and 580lb-ft of maximum torque at 3,700rpm. Customers can opt for a twinturbo engine kit producing 750hp and 690lb-ft of torque. The estimated performance figures are zero to 60mph in 3.4 seconds, a quarter mile in 10.7 seconds and a top speed of 200mph.

The standard equipment offers a custom interior, cut pile carpeting, dual power side mirros, alarm systems, rear-view mirror with backup camera, air conditioning, power operated tail section, power seats, run flat tires with sensors and a tilt steering wheel.

The price is upon request.

[Via Autoblog.nl]


  1. WOW, Does it seriously say: for the “discriminating” driver? Does that mean it’s a racist car?! That’s “Discerning”, NOT “Discriminating”

    On a sidenote, that is the most hideous frankenstein creation I’ve ever seen.

  2. the owner designer said this car is a whooping $325,000. I put my foot of this guys neck when he told me that when he was T THE LA CAR SHOW A FEW YEARS AGO. I literally put him on the spot and created a crowd telling how crazy he was. I asked him if he knew how many cars a guy would skip over to buy this dated, cheesy , fiberglass reject. there was a factory five gtm next to him that was a twin turbo with 900 plus hp for 125,00 why would I pass that and buy this? He said, " because his car is Luxury and sport all in one, the gtm is just sport" This guy said "if you pull next to a Ferrari or Lambo all eyes will be on you hands down with people asking you where did you get this car" I replied yea so they could continue clowning you. In person the car is a really bad production. it sits with a lean as if it was hit and the frame was bent. The paint is from a boat painted in the 70's. This guy is actually told me he sold 3 of them already, I told him point blank he was full of sh*t.


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