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Select Lamborghini clientele were given the chance to preview the new Lamborghini SUV, expected to be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show later this month. Several high profile Lamborghini collectors posted images of the disclaimer, however, poor judgement by others present at the event means that we have what is considered to be full details of the concept.

The details were originally posted by Ed Bolian, the sales director of an Atlanta-based Lamborghini dealer called Motorcars of Georgia and picked up by Jalopnik. However, both sites have removed information since. Multiple other websites managed to pick up the details though, so the secret is now out!

So what are we going to see at the end of the month? The car that went on display in new york has been described as ‘cherry red’. The silhouette of the 4×4 is very similar to the BMW X6, but it is about the size of an Audi Q7. It is a completely different style of off-road vehicle compared to the LM002, it still has high ground clearance and a muscular appearance though.

It gets 24-inch carbon fibre wheels which hide carbon ceramic disc brakes. The diffuser hides quad exhausts and the concept gets cameras for mirrors, we don’t expect to see this on the production model.

It is a four-seater, with the seats inspired by those seen in the Sesto Elemento Concept shown at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The cabin gets plenty of carbon fibre trim and a high center console that extends between the two rear passengers. This is all the information offered by those who have seen the concept, however, this is not where the details end.

We suspect that the Lamborghini SUV, which many are saying will be named the MLC Concept, will get the new “MLB” architecture that will underpin the next Audi Q7. This will be constructed from aluminum and carbon fiber for the Lamborghini SUV to reduce weight as much as possible.

Under the hood of the concept, we will find the Gallardo-based V10 with an output of 575 horses, according to the magazine. Other powertrains like a twin-turbo V8 or a hybrid drive train are also being considered for the Lambo SUV. However, Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann confirmed to Autocar that the firm is unlikely to turn to turbocharging this decade – but has refused to rule out the switch in the longer term.

It is interesting times for Lamborghini, would you rather see the Estoque make it into production or the MLC Concept?

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  1. And mark my words , last year the Ferrari SUV was shown to a select group of current and former owners as well , masquerading as a survey that outsiders Assumed was for the FF . It wasn’t . Its real . And whatever Montezemolo says publicly ….. its coming as well

    Yeeesh !

    ( too bad Lambo/Audi didn’t have the sense to just re-do the LM002 )

  2. I remember when Mr. Winkelmann (CEO of Lamborghini) said in an interview: “A SUV does not fit to our image” – hopefully they didnt chang their mind.

  3. A Lamborghini Truck makes sense they came from a guy who built tractors and there was a truck in the 90s A big rugged truck and super fast coupes is Lambo a 4 door abortion of a sedan is just useless like the the aston martin


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