Rolls-Royce unveiled the first electric vehicle for the ultra-luxury segment at the previous edition of the Geneva Motor Show. The Phantom Experimental Electric 102EX was primarily designed to spark debate about whether luxury car manufacturers could and should produce such a vehicle.

The naturally aspirated 6.75 liter V12 petrol engine and six-speed gearbox have been replaced by a lithium ion battery pack and two electric motors mounted on the rear sub-frame. These motors are connected to a single speed transmission with integrated differential. Each motor is power rated to 145kW, giving Phantom EE a maximum power output of 290kW and torque of 800Nm. This compares with 338kW for standard Phantom with maximum torque of 720Nm, delivered at 3,500rpm.

In an interview with Car and Driver, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös confirmed the all-electric 102EX concept won’t be going into production. The Rolls-Royce was sent on a global tour, allowing potential customers to test drive the EV and provide feedback.

According to Müller-Ötvös, potential customers were impressed by the vehicle’s acceleration and utter silence. But on the other hand, the range of 200km (124 miles) and charging times of 20 hours were not found acceptable. Torsten Müller-Ötvös did not ruled out a plug-in hybrid in future, as it combines “the advantages of both worlds.”

Müller-Ötvös also said the line-up of the Ghost will be extended with a coupe and convertible version. The Rolls-Royce CEO also ruled out the possibility of entry-level model positioned below the Ghost. Furthermore he dismissed the idea of a Rolls-Royce SUV:

Rolls-Royce stands for the best sedans in the world, magnificent coupes and convertibles, and we really would like to retain this identity. I have a difficult time imagining an SUV for our brand.

[Via Car and Driver]

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  1. Saya lebih menyukai Rolls Royce TETAP menjaga nilai historis sebagai Produsen Sedan mewah di dunia..jadi tidak perlu memproduksi SUV..justeru NWOS sangat mendukung ide "SEDAN MEWAH CANGGIH"..artinya sebuah sedan mewah harusnya menjadi pioneer dalam aplikasi TEKNOLOGI TERDEPAN..misal Hybrid dan Electric Fuel..bayangkan bila Sedan Mewah masih menggunakan Fosil Energy? bukankah suatu hari akan terlihat kuno?


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