As many of you may recall, the award winning Forza Motorsport 4 shipped last calendar year, to shouts of praise from car enthusiasts the world over. Sure, there isn’t night driving or rally a la Gran Turismo 5. Who really cares though, when you can hear the (and this is almost certainly an understatement) devilish howl from a motor such as that in the Le Mans winning Mazda 787B.

The 787B is a car that most of us will never get to experience, let alone hear at full chat. It was the first and only Japanese car to ever win overall honors at La Sarthe, all but guaranteeing its legendary status the moment it crossed the checkered stripe. The stuff of legend.

Oh, did I mention it is the loudest car ever recorded into a Forza game? It’s that good.

If appearances aren’t deceiving me, it looks like the sound recording was done right outside the garage… in the parking lot! Don’t think the next door neighbors needed coffee that morning.

Try the 1:50 mark to skip straight to the engine sound.


  1. I’ve actually been on-track with the Kudzu 4-rotor LMP car and it’s like a V12 F1 car on steroids in terms of ripping sound. Listening to the video above just doesn’t do it justice. Having that car pass me at speed is something I’ll never forget.


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