The latest news concerning the Italian marque De Tomaso tells us that Gianmario Rossignolo, the person who gave the company a re-birth, has sold a majority stake in De Tomaso to fellow Italian firm Car Luxury Investment. This company is owned by Chinese investment group Hotyork. Three days ago Hotyork chairman Qiu Kunjian released a statement saying;

We closely considered the business plan and we believe in the opportunity to develop all the valuable potential of the company. We are working to finalize the last details and implement the agreement in the coming of days.

Up to now De Tomaso only released their SLS, which has been designed on an aluminium chassis of Pininfarina origine. The BMW 5-Series GT-like saloon will be offered at launch with a choice of two petrol engines, a 300hp V6 and a 550hp V8. A diesel engine should be in the works and will be confirmed later.

Other models will follow at a later stage, but it is unknown we will see the 3,000 crossover models and 2,000 coupes Rossignolo promised.

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