UK sports car maker Radical is planning the development and release of a brand new sports car; the 2014 Radical RXC Coupe, a closed top version of their current lineup with ultimate sports cars. There will be two versions; a racing and road-legal version.

The first preview was given to Sport Auto’s Christian Gebhardt, when he visited the Radical headquarters in Peterborough UK for a roadtest of the street legal SR3 SL.

The Radical RXC coupe will have gullwing doors and a wide body kit. The Radical RXC will be powered by an eight-cylinder engine, which has been co-developed with the Radical Performance Engines (RPE) department. The 650hp V8 engine will be linked to a sequential seven-speed transmission with paddle shifters.

While any previous Radical models are built entirely without driver aids, the Radical RXC Coupe comes with ABS and traction control. ESP is also available.

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