The Polish Drift Championship, organised by the Polish Drift Federation is one of the oldest and highest rated drifting competitions in Europe. Over the years, it has grown to such an extent, that it will literally leave a shocking impression on anyone that sees it for the first time.

2011 has had five rounds all in all, and the last event of the year was scheduled to take place in the same place where it began, on the Poznan Racetrack. It was the beggining of October, the weather was great, and to make things even better, the event was having some international drivers squeezing in as well, for what was called The Battle of the Nations. You might even recognize the HGK Racing LS’ed BMW spaceframe built E46, driven by Russian Felix Bekkerman.

Over the years, the drivers have mastered the Poznan Racetrack, and the amount of smoke and speed these guys were carrying through the corners was simply stunning. They would start off on a straight line, speed up all the way to about 140kph then initiate into the left hand turn. They would then switch into a right-hander, with an inside clipping zone and then they would face the longest straight on the judged portion of the track, where they would have to manage their way through, at speeds slightly over 110km/h, and then bleeding some speed going into the final right hand corner. It is a rare thing to see five or six cars, driven by different drivers of course, going in backwards into a corner like that.

Things were pretty tense as this round was going to tell who the winner of the championship was going to be. Everyone wanted to score as many points as possible, and everyone gave it all they got. But in the end, the winner of the championship was declared to be Pawel Trela, driving the Asus 2JZ S13.5 (550+ hp).

For the final round rankings check out the PFD website.

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