The revival of Maybach wasn’t quite successful with only 3,000 cars sold in seven year. Maybach wasn’t able to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley. Despite the high quality, the German luxurious brand failed to impress the public with its conservative image and outdated design.

So it wasn’t a big surprise that Daimler AG recently decided to axe Maybach after a decade of disappointing sales and lack of profitability. Daimler will continue to produce the Maybach models until the fifth generation of the Mercedes S-Class will be unveiled in 2013, which will fill in the void left by Maybach.

But now some interesting facts and figures has emerged as Car Magazine did some calculations on how much money Daimler lost on Maybach. The Germans invested over €1 billion euro into its ultra-luxury car brand and concluded Daimler lost over € 330,000 (!) on every Maybach it sold. This amount of money almost equals the retail price of the Maybach 57.

Car Magazine also reports that Dailmer considered development of a new generation of Maybachs. These include a Maybach GL high-end SUV, an entry-level short-wheelbase Maybach 52 and a four-door Maybach 57 convertible inspired by the Mercedes Ocean Drive Concept unveiled in 2006.

But as we all know, all these projects were cancelled. Instead, Mercedes will offer a much broader range of the 2013 S-Class, including a four-door cabriolet and a top-of-the-range S600 Pullman ‒ the spiritual successor of the Maybach.

2011 Maybach Facelift 01


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