We come across cars that we think could be overkill on a daily basis here at GTspirit. This was one that particularly stood out to us recently. It’s a camouflage Ferrari 458 Italia. Now that might not sound like overkill, but once you realise that the colour scheme continues into the cabin, we think you’ll definitely agree that this is overkill!

The video below actually shows a number of Lapo Elkann’s cars, including the Ferrari 458 Italia, a Ferrari California and two variations of the Fiat 500. We’ve included a variety of pictures in the gallery. You’ll notice though, the interior of the 458 Italia is in a league of its own. It’s fully green with camouflage seats, door trims, steering wheel and dash accents. The engine cover features the same styling too and for added ‘individuality’, a peace sign has been added for the shields.

In case you are wondering just who the hell Lapo Elkann actually is, he is currently the manager of brand promotion at Fiat Automobiles. His brother, John Elkann, is chairman of the Fiat Group. It is expected that Lapo Elkann will take over as CEO of the Fiat Group from Luca di Montezemolo, the man appointed CEO after the death of the Elkann brothers father, Gianni Agnelli.

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  1. Gianni Agnelli was not the father of the Elkann brothers! He was their grandfather! Their father is still alive and is a journalist!


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