At around 2am in the morning, the driver of a white Lamborghini Aventador lost control of his car, hitting a couple of pedestrians and crashing into two other vehicles. The accident happened in a car park outside the Belvedere Lounge in Uptown Houston.

The Lamborghini Aventador crashed into a Mercedes E-Class causing damage to the front end of both cars. The driver of the car and the pedestrians are thought to be in a stable condition with minor injuries. The driver of the Lamborghini has not been charged and the police are treating this as a genuine accident.

The report indicates that “the driver told officers he just bought his Lamborghini a week ago and was still unfamiliar with how to use it properly.”

[Via Jalopnik]

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  1. *face palm* blame it on not being familiar with the car? How bout you just blame it on your lame driving skills! 2 people?!?! AND 2 CARS?!?!?! Jesus what was he doing?

  2. My god, if i where Lambo dealer i would suggest a training cores for every purchase order, it is unfair to own such a car and crash it, :(

  3. I drove an Adventador on a race track recently (work sponsored event) in the UK. Easiest cars on the planet to drive, I really wonder at times how people manage to loose control of these cars.


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