You can’t fail to have heard of Kim Schmitz over the past week. Whether you know of him by the name Kim Dotcom or by the name Kim Tim Jim Vestor, his internet company, Megaupload has been frontpage news following his arrest last Thursday. One thing that immediately struck us was his vast car collection. We knew the former Gumball 3000 participant loved his Mercedes-Benz and he didn’t disappoint when the police finally released a list of the cars Kim had collected at his New Zealand mansion. recently got hold of a picture gallery of the cars during a trip to Europe last year. The photos were taken in the French port of Antibes, between Cannes and Nice.The pictures show his Mercedes CL65 AMG (KIM.COM), Mercedes CL63 AMG (HACKER), Mercedes S65 AMG (CEO), Mercedes CLK DTM AMG (EVIL) and Rolls-Royce Phantom (GOD). The pictures reveal that the Mercedes CLK-DTM had been fitted with a NOS modification. During this trip Kim rented the whole of the Nurburgring for a day to test these cars to the limit!

As for Kim’s case, he was recently denied bail after the court found him to be a flight risk. The judge did think he had an arguable defense to the copyright claims and admitted that he could not access whether the United States had an arguable case or not. The circumstances of his arrest were made public too. The police flooded his house with 70 New Zealand police officers at the request of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. They had to cut Kim out of his safe room where they found him in a corner with a number of unlicensed firearms.

For more details on the case click here and for details on the cars seized, click here.



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