Ever thought your Fiat 500 could be bigger? You’re obviously the type of person who should get in contact with Italian coachbuilder Castagna Milano to inquire about the Fiat 500 Limousine. Castagna plan to build three special limousine conversions of the Fiat 500; the LimoSun, LimoCity and a LimoCity Presidential.

The 500 has been stretched in length to 5.32 meters, almost two meters longer than the standard version. The wheelbase has increased from 2.3 meters to 4.1 meters and height raised from 149cm to 158cm for the CityLimo. Castagna Milano uses the historic name of Carrozzeria Castagna, founded in 1849 by Carlo Castagna. The company closed in 1954 but was famous for its Alfa-Romeo, Isotta, Lancia and Mercedes-Benz coachbuilds.

The LimoSun is a new take on the Landaulet. It features the familiar convertible roof layout with four seats facing each other, however, you’ll notice that it features an open side too. Apparently this can be covered by a transparent cover. However, we suspect that it wouldn’t protect the VIP guests in a side-impact accident.

The LimoCity is the most viable alternative. It looks like an ordinary stretched Fiat 500 and and features a circular sofa couch, mini-bar and electric sliding doors. The chassis will obviously be reinforced to take the extra weight and length.

Finally, we have the LimoCity President, built for the American market and modeled on the Presidential limo. It features twin electric motors capable of reaching 100mph (160km/h) and with a range of 250km. We’re told that this example is already under construction in Mexico.

[Via Autoblog.nl]


  1. I’ll be upfront; I don’t like limos. I really don’t like limos. For our school prom, everyone was turning up in them and I just thought they were really tacky. You can try so hard to be glamorous that you just end up being tacky.

    But I have to admit, I love the idea of a stretched 500, and had one been available when it was my prom, I’d’ve been half-tempted. It just looks fun, and it’s obviously not taking itself too seriously. If someone asked you to name the best car models to convert into a limo, I doubt there’d be many who would name the 500. I think it’s fantastic though.


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