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Official: Weistec Mercedes SLS 750 Supercharger System

Official Weistec Mercedes SLS 750 Supercharger System

Weistec have unveiled details of their performance enhancement kit for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The Gullwing gets 750 Horsepower and 664lb-ft of maximum torque thanks to a new supercharger system and a series of equally important componant upgrades.

The list of changes is extensive. The supercharger itself is a 2.3 liter Twin-Screw compressor. Dual high flow cast aluminum T6 intake tubes, brisk spark plugs and a fuel delivery system upgrade have been fitted. The air cooler is a 1,000hp liquid to air unit with aluminum lower manifold and aluminum throttle body inlets. A Constant Mu, Delta Pressure (CMDP) cog drive system, billet aluminum cog drive cradle assembly, new cog belt, drive belt, aluminum serpentine idlers, a 30 liter intercooler water pump, intercooler recovery tank, new heat exchanger, high flow fuel rail system, silicone couplers, power-steering reservoir relocation assembly are all part of the kit.

Finally, a Weistec Engineering SLS 750 ECU Reflash optimises the extensive modifications. It’s being marketed as the world’s most powerful SLS AMG and it’s also emissions legal.

[Via Teamspeed]



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