Pininfarina will unveil a new luxury environment-friendly sport sedan at the 2012 Geneva Auto Salon. They have unveiled a teaser image of the car today, named the Pininfarina Cambiano Concept. The design concept will have sustainability as it’s core value. Both the engine and the material choices will be chosen with the environment as top priority.

The name comes from the city that Pininfarina operates from, the commune of Cambiano. It will serve as a celebratory piece for a double anniversary, first for 30 years of Pininfarina’s Styling Centre and second for 10 years of the Pininfarina Engineering Centre.

From the photos, we can see that the concept will get LED lights and an interesting grille setup. The side mirrors look like they have been replaced by camera units and the roof looks to be panoramic.

We’re promised more photos in the next few days, we’ll keep you updated!

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