BMW has officially confirmed today at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show that it will offer a six-speed manual transmission for the upcoming 2013 BMW F10M M5 model version.

The six-speed manual transmission will be available at the start of production this summer as alternative to the standard seven-speed M-Double Clutch Transmission (M-DCT). There are no additional costs when you choose for the manual instead of the automatic.

The main differences between the two systems are the absence of a 7th gear and the optimized ratios for acceleration, flexibility and fuel economy. The current drive ratio and special M differential were maintained. The stickshift has a short throw shift linkage and a black leather backlit shift knob.

The manual is only offered in the United States, the ‘country of the automatic gearbox’. This is mainly because the system was a popular choice on the precious generations of the M5.

The 2013 M5 will arrive at US BMW Centers in late summer 2012. Pricing and options have not been made available yet.


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