Video Drifting BMW 1-Series M Coupe with Akrapovic Exhaust

Our Slovenian friend Sašo Malbaša send us his video of a BMW 1-Series M Coupe fitted with the brand new Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system with remote control valve. The total output of this 1M is 390hp, 370hp stock +20hp of the exhaust.

In the video you will see the white BMW 1-Series M Coupe performing some decent drifts. You will also get the chance to listen to the exhaust sound track. The car was provided by Burya Superauto Club and recorded by


  1. Yep, when we measured the car it had around 365-370hp + Akrapovic downsized the weight alot vs stock exhaust and tuned up the torque and horsepower..
    Great car, had alot fun recording this video.. More to come in the future!


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