Drag Racing in Montreal Canada

In the Montreal region of Canada, they are currently being blessed with above average temperatures. Normally at this time of year, it should be snowing regularly, but not so this year. Their summer was extended and so did their Autumn. This is a prefect opportunity for car enthusiasts with really nice cars to do what their cars are built for. Montreal is a very europeanized city near the American border. What does this create? A mix of track racing with American muscle cars, and the ‘classic’ drag racing with euro tuners.

This results in heated up battles between three continents. The cars you regularly see at the drag strip in Montreal are usually heavily modified Japanese imports, or American muscle cars. Our local reporter Matthew spoke to a guy with a modified ’02 Mustang GT that’s supercharged his stallion to 650bhp. These guys are serious about racing, and when you see Nissan GTR against an old American muscle car on steroids, you can only sit back and watch in awe.

So the pictures above include a Mercedes SLR, Nissan GTR, Lamborghini Gaillardo, an Audi R8, a Jeep Cherokee SRT8, and many other muscle cars. This is just one scene in the Montreal region racing scene that’s actually legal. Too bad the SLS and M3 Matthew saw racing on a major boulevard last week weren’t able to show up.

Thanks to our local reporter Matthew!


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