Following the SSC Tuatara official debut in the Middle East at the Dubai Motor Show 2011 yesterday, we received official renders of the interior of the upcoming American hypercar.

Like the exterior the SSC Tuatara’s interior can be described as very modern and perhaps even futuristic. All dials on the dashboard have been replaced with digital screens and overall it comes close to the imaginary cockpit of a spaceship. The performance is there to match the spaceship interior with 1350hp and an expected 0-60 mph time of just 2,5 seconds and a projected top speed of 276 mph (444 km/h).

Inspired by Jason Castriota’s exterior styling, SSC carried some of the aerospace inspired design, as well as the car’s exterior design features, into the interior of the Tuatara.

The main gauge cluster area is a glass screen that is lit up by Pico projectors behind, and is similar to a HUD (Heads Up Display). On the driver’s side, 2 smaller HUD displays, are located on each side of the steering column; their design inspired by the Tuatara’s rear winglets. On the right, the HUD displays the current gear of the car, and is flanked by a shift indicator light tree that provides the driver with valuable shift timing information. The left HUD displays any vital information the driver chooses. These settings are available through a menu on the central command console.

Video of the SSC Tuatara Interior

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  1. so disappointed. The exterior is beautiful but the interior completely ruined the car. This is honestly the worst interior I’ve seen on any supercar, probably on any car for that matter. I would not buy the car just because of this interior.


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