Video Lamborghini Gallardo on Fire at Targa High Country 2011

Tasmanian Jason White grabbed the victory at Targa High Country, despite crossing the line at Mount Buller with his $ 600,000 Lamborghini Gallardo on fire. He managed to set a stage time only four seconds slower than the time he set on Mount Buller the day before. So it is true, being on fire keeps you going.

The Targa High Country 2011 is part of the 2012 Australian Targa Championship and was held last weekend between the 4th and 6th of November. The whole event included numerous races, trails and stages driven downunder. We shared some of the highlights for you below in each of the videos.

The second video shows the first day of the event.

And the second day of the event…

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  1. well at least he won going out in flames,,Lamborghin has to fix that flaming gallardo problem whats up with that ,,Ferrari and all the supercars seeem to go on fire dont they got fire retarent shilds for the enginebay??? WE have the technology we should use it when purchasing a 1/2 mill car

  2. Our intrepid photographer Ben Sale captured this footage. Talk about ‘right place right time’.

    For those that are interested the rest of the Targa High Country footage are at Targa High Country

    Ben, you’re a bloody legend!


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