Spyshots 2013 Range Rover in Desert Dubai

Land Rover is planning the release of a new version of their Range Rover. The SUV has been spotted numerous times over the past few weeks, we even came across the luxury 4×4 at the Land Rover workshop near the Nurburgring on Saturday.

One of our readers spotted two test mules of the 2013 Range Rover in the desert near Dubai, UAE. The two SUVs were accompanied by a current Range Rover Vogue.

The luxurious SUV will arrive next year with lower running costs, more space and an improved performance. The aluminium chassis will reduce the weight by a massive 500kg, resulting in a total weight of approximately 2,000kg. The powertrain will be revised as well, consisting of an 4.4 liter V8 diesel engine which offers 320 horsepower and a eight-speed automatic gearbox with stop-start system. Thanks to these upgrades, the fuel economy will be improved just as the emissions will be reduced.

The fourth generation Range Rover will also be available with a diesel powered V6 and a more impressive 5.0 liter supercharged V8. According to rumours, a hybrid is in the pipeline as well.

The design will remain essential the same, with a few changes. LED daytime running lights will be added to the new Range Rover. The edges of the car will be rounded off and the road presence will be increased. The interior will be more spacious and full of gadgets.

The new Range Rover will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next March. The SUV will hit the markets in the summer of 2012. The price tag is likely to increase.

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  1. These cars where never ment to go in the desert I dont say that they are not good in the desert but every one I know who has a range rover either it was the range rover vouge or the range rover sport tell me the same thing that after they went to the desert in there range rovers they started have many problems in there cars, Even if they fixed it by the warrenty it will keep braking down agin and again, Besides all that if Land rover really wanted to test there car in the gruelling heat of the middle east they would have tested it at june to august where tempratures will be around 42 to 48 degree celsius not know in october and december where the temprature is around 26 to 19 degree celsius, The Nissan Patrol for example was tested in the summer to really push the cars to there limits.

  2. Whats the point of bringing a car to the middle east to test it if they will not test it properly. They just brought the 2013 range rover to the United Arab Emirates to trike the future customers that the car was tested in the harsh desert conditions. But at the end the future buyer of the 2013 range rover will be the real tester of the car and when something goes wrong with the car. Then the future customer will face the consicounces.


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