Porsche Driving Experience Winter 2011/2012

Porsche will again be offering a range of attractive driver safety training courses and exclusive excursions. Customers and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to test the new Porsche 911 (991) first-hand in extreme conditions.

In the winter training courses of the Porsche Driving Experience both beginners and experienced drivers will, under the guidance of Porsche’s instructors, be able to develop their driving skills. In the far north of Finland participants will learn how to master their vehicles in icy but controlled conditions through three progressive proficiency levels – Precision, Performance and Master.

The Porsche Tour of South Africa also features a varied itinerary. Scenic routes start from Cape Town and wind their way through the Garden Route to the inland game reserves and enable participants to experience the new Porsche 911 on roads made for driving.

More detailed information on all winter programmes is available on the Internet. The current winter catalogue can be obtained by calling +49 (0)711/911-23360 (-23364).

Porsche Driving Experience Winter 2011/2012 01

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  1. All You Porsch Drivers on route from Cape Point at 11am on the 11-12-2012- Cape Pont National Park is a conservation area that has a speed limit of 60km per hour its a scenic drive ,however driving at way over the speed limit and blasting your engines has no eco friendly behaviour to our enviroment and Wildlife.You have no respect and should go race your sports cars back in Germany on the autobahn.As your pacer car came racing around the corner we were watching a tourtouis cross the road the first car missed it the 2nd,3rd and 5th car all squashed this poor reptile nice one…….shame on you ……you may be driving a flashy car but the tourists in my tour group were totally discussted at you uncalled for action .Then you all wave at us glad I dont drive a Killer Car I would rather enjoy the nature and beauty than a roaring polished piece of metal. Tour Guide


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