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Video: McLaren MP4-12C Sets 7:28:00 Nurburgring Lap

Video McLaren MP4-12C Sets 7:28:00 Nurburgring Lap

McLaren has released a video via their YouTube channel showing a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C hitting the Nurburgring and setting a record time with Horst von Saurma, chief editor of German magazine Sport Auto behind the wheel. The official time set by von Saurma is 7:28:00, done in a 12 minute window where he had the track for himself. McLaren confirmed to us the video and lap time are genuine and set with a standard car on Pirelli Corsa tires.

In case you wonder why the lap times at the end of the video differ from those mentioned on ring time ranking websites like Fastestlaps.com. Its because McLaren only used the lap times set by Sport Auto as a reference.


  1. They need to update their times at the end of the video…don’t get me wrong, 7:28 is damn good, but it made it seem like McLaren wasn’t beat by the ACR, Z06, ZR1, GTR, LFA(nurburgring package). I’m sure it would do better with better tires if they aren’t using R Compound already…

  2. Sport Auto is the most professionell and renowned sportscar magazine I know. They are the only measuring lateral acceleration and also track and camber in the Supertest. Lap times are always taken in a flying lap and Host von Saurma is a really experienced driver on the Nordschleife. i absolutely trust on their results!

  3. All the times stated in the video are correct. Those are the times archived by the German magazine sport auto. In my oppinion those times are more “realistic” than the ones published by the factories themselves because they were archieved by the same driver under controlled conditions.


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