Mercedes Benz SLA Rumours

If rumours are to be believed, Mercedes-Benz engineers are working on a production version of the Mercedes-Benz Vision SLA unveiled in 2000 at the Detroit Motor Show. The car would be a front-wheel drive, direct competitor for the Audi TT and would be based on the new B-class architecture.

The original SLA concept was built on the A-class architecture and, despite never reaching production, signaled the introduction of the distinctive pointed front design. Now several news sources are suggesting that the car will be built as a 2013 model.

An all-new 1.6 liter turbo-charged direct-injection four-cylinder petrol engine is expected to be fitted under the bonnet. It’s also thought that a new 1.8 litere four-cylinder turbo-diesel model could be offered.

Styling-wise, we hear that the new car will share its looks with existing Mercedes-Benz sports cars such as the SLK, SL and SLS. It’s all rumours so far but it sounds promising!

[Via GoAuto]

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  1. pretty sure if you dont want a TT and you want a mercedes you just buy an SLK, why would they make a less desirable version of the SLK to compete with the TT and Z4?


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