Car Crash Fourth BMW 1-Series M Coupe Wrecked in South Africa

This is number four! In less than two weeks a total of four BMW 1-Series Coupes have been crashed worldwide. The one pictured here was totaled in Pretoria, South Africa. The exact cause of the crash is unknown at this stage, but up to now this has been one of the worst 1M wreck we have seen.

Two cars were involved and it seems nobody got injured, but this has not been confirmed. The car crash happened a day before we reported the first crash in Korea and two weeks after the owner took delivery of the 1M.

It is such a shame to so many of these wonderful M Power cars being crashed across the world. With only 500 being produced up to now it is getting more limited by the day.

[Via 1addicts]


  1. “It is such a shame to so many of these wonderful M Power cars being crashed across the world.”

    Couldn’t have said it better.Can’t believe they are being crashed so fast and so often.

  2. The only good looking BMW and it’s being totaled so often. Either it’s a bad car or the drivers just suck. On the other hand we don’t hear about crashing Ford Focus RS500 (which is limited to 500 units as well so the 1M has to be a difficult car to drive.

  3. Well the Focus is FWD and IMO even an idiot can handle FWD car. M1 in other hand is RWD and this is how the men stand out from boys.

  4. …or sell the car only to people that know how to drive and that enjoy cars not to spoiled kids with money and that don´t know how to drive… And remember that the car is good when its well driven and if you have idiots behind the steering wheel, this is what happens and worst its only in the public roads…. want to race go to the track!!!


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