Nissan GT-R Crash Moscow

The following video was shot in Moscow, Russia and shows a Nissan GT-R losing control during a street race and plowing into a row of parked cars. In total, the GT-R hits five cars before continuing out of picture with a staved-in front bumper.

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  1. @Chris
    I’ve said that so many times before on this site and I get so much $h!t for it. Truth be told, some dumb motherf*ckers just don’t deserve these cars.

  2. I agree total idiot. Theres tracks almost everywhere why would you do this on the street risking other peoples lives and property.

  3. you are absolutely right, I hate it when some dump M…F has the power to buy those amazing cars, and treat them like that, Such an Idiots :(

  4. Well some people seem to be a little jealous…cant you people get it?If you have cash you have a good car or else you get a Daihatsu.Imagine car companies selling supercars only to safety fans.These cars are made for speeding, all that crap of getting them to race tracks only is just stupid,if the supercar market would be based on that then Ferrari,Lamborghini,Bugatti would have never existed.


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