Goodwood 2011 Covini C6

Did you ever hear about a brand selling a car with four front wheels? Does the name Covini ring a bell? No? The Italian brand took their C6 with its signature four steering front wheels to Goodwood hill for a display and a drive on the hillclimb. The C6 is a two-seat, two-door sports coupé with a removable roof section.

The rear-wheel drive vehicle is powered by longitudinal-mounted eight-cylinder engine producing 434hp at 6,400rpm and a maximum torque of circa 470Nm at 2,700rpm. The dry weight is 1150kg and the top speed 300km/h. The main setup is a combination of a steel tubular frame with carbon fiber reinforcements and structural parts and an independent suspension with front and rear wishbones. The body work is glass fiber and carbon fiber.

The main advantages of the signature front wheels are less risk for front tyre deflating, less risk of aquaplaning, better braking, better grip, better comfort and better absorbing of frontal impact. The vehicle has got 15 inch front wheels with 205/45-15 tyres and 20 inch rear wheels with 345/25-20 tyres.

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