One of our readers found this rare Ferrari 348 Spider for sale at a dealer in Texas, US. According to the dealer the original 1994 Ferrari 348 Spider was painted by world famous Hawaiian artist Christian Lassen. Allegedly the paint job cost around $ 100,000 and features a light blue to dark blue paint with dolphins and stars on the side and rear of the car.

The car was in the artists showroom in Cesars Palace, Las Vegas for many years. And because of that, it has only driven 2,316 miles in 17 years.

[Thanks to Harry for the tip!]

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  1. The website of the “artist” is just le-gen-da-ry ! It made my day !!!!
    Every single thing over there screams with its little tiny fists tightened “look at me I am a rich famous new age multi-talented idol and i can make your wife pregnant with my airbrush”….
    So egotistic, it’s 2nd degree hilarious.
    Definitely NOT AN OVERKILL then !!!!!!

  2. Thats a mess LOL, i was hoping this was a photoshop joke! still live and let live.

    Ps: if anyone wants something like this on their car i will do it blindfold for $999,999.00 .. BARGAIN im limiting it to only 5000 worldwide. How can i do it blindfold you ask?? Easy.. its a sticker from a cereal packet rofl

  3. Just had a look at the “artist’s” website: what a load of kitsch junk! Was staggered to find a frankly crap scribble of some dolphines (ahhhh, so spiritual!) and some fish (finding Nemo) was priced at USD 20.5k!!

    There are some real morons out there, and it appears this guy can attract rich ones.

    The art is entirely without merit or taste and belongs on the wall of one of Saddam Hussian’s palaces. Anyone buying his art that wasn’t:

    a. a 12-14yr old girl
    b. mentally deranged

    should be stripped of their wealth and made to lick roads clean for 20 years.

    But that’s just because I’m very liberal and not judgemental at all.

  4. A $100k paint job that depreciated the car $100k. A mint 348 worth $40k now a days, so that make that worth -$60k. I’ll give him a deal, I would take that car off his hand for free, that’s $60k saving for him!!


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